The Red Tea Detox

The Red tea history

Rooibos tea (pronounced ad roy-boss) is famously known as the red tea that has recently gained its popularity because of its claimed health benefits.

It’s been famous not quite so long but it is actually been in the circulation in Southern Africa for centuries. South Africans has used and drink Rooibos tea due to its numerous health benefits.

The shrub aspalathus linearis is where the Rooibos tea comes from. Though it is called “tea”, it is actually a herb. This herb grows in the small mountainous region of Cederburg in Western Cape, South Africa.

These herbal leaves goes a process of oxidation or often referred as fermentation that makes the reddish-brown color of the rooibos tea and it also a way to enhance its rich flavour.

Unlike other tea varieties, Red tea is actually caffeine-free and has low tannin levels with earthy flavor. Being said that then it is the best alternative for green tea or black tea. Rooibos tea is consumed just like the black tea. Options of sugar, honey, lemon and the like can be added depending on the consumer’s preferences.

What are the health benefits and uses of rooibos tea?

  • Weight loss
    • Rooibos tea is a low calorie tea (2-4 calories per cup). So you can start your day and enjoy this rich flavourful caffeine free tea without the guilt of slurping high calorie drink to start your day. You can make a teatox plan with
  • Skin benefits (below is a copy of the report of the Clinical efficacy comparison of anti-wrinkle cosmetics containing herbal flavonoids from )

Herbal anti-wrinkle cosmetics were formulated from ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), a mixture of tea and rooibos (Camellia sinensis and Aspalathus linearis) and soybean (Glycine soja). These extracts were incorporated into the preliminary developed stable gel base with good preference. The gingko formulation was found to be more stable than the formula containing a mixture of tea and rooibos and the soybean formula. Clinical efficacies of the ginkgo formula and the formula containing a mixture of tea and rooibos were compared following 28 days of application. The ginkgo preparation increased skin moisturization (27.88%) and smoothness (4.32%) and reduced roughness (0.4%) and wrinkles (4.63%), whereas the formula containing tea and rooibos showed the best efficacy on wrinkle reduction (9.9%). In comparison to the tea and rooibos formula, gingko significantly improved skin moisturization (P = 0.05)

  • Health benefits
    • Rooibos contains polyphenols including flavanols, flavones, flavanones, dihydrochalcones, aspalathin and nothofagin. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits just like other phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Aspalathin has also antioxidant properties. Thus this caffeine-free herbal tea is good for the health in general.

Detox is the phase when you decided to stop taking in or feeding your body with anything harmful or unhealthy foods, drugs, medicines, drinks and the like. Sometimes people refer detoxifying with tea as teatox.

Below is  an article originally written by Liz Swann Miller. She is the author of the Red tea detox and The ultimate Guide to Detoxing.


(Originally from the article of LIZ SWANN MILLER


Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better?

It is true that green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These components contribute to minimizing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

As a Weight Loss Expert, it has been my primary goal to share practical tips and tricks for those pursuing optimal health. In upholding my obligation to transparency, I am about to reveal how green tea, although beneficial, is gradually losing value in the light of its delicious rival –rooibos.

Rooibos, also known as red tea, is equally high in antioxidants, but is sourced from different substances to that of green tea. The antioxidants contained in rooibos – aspalathin and nothofagin – are comparatively rare, and help to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive fat production, lessen stress, and inhibit metabolic disorders.

After the results of recent studies, alongside my own findings related to the major players in sustainable weight loss, I consider red tea an essential. In addition to preventing heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more, it is an accessible and effective answer to weight gain.

This year I began the production of my Red Tea Detox. A primary goal was to harness the incredible benefits of rooibos whilst combining the ingredient with a number of other, equally valuable elements.

Rooibos means red bush. The plant is readily available, with leaves that turn red upon fermentation. With so much potential to assist with our health and wellness journey, I considered it wrong to ignore the strength of the plant.

Unlike green tea, red tea does not contain caffeine, and therefore drinking the blend at night won’t leave you restless.

Another factor of its ultimate superiority is simply – taste. The bitterness of green tea is often attributed to its high tannin content, which is less prevalent in red tea.

Many health products do not aim to bridge the gap between adults and young children, but the pursuit of health is of equal importance for both demographics. Which is why I’ve designed a recipe that caters to all ages and tastes, with the inclusion of a sweetened version of the recipe.

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  1. Arwil says:

    As someone who never drinks coffee, I would try to hunt for Rooibos tea in the grocery next time. I always drink milk. But after reading the benefits of red tea as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits, now I am considering it. I will definitely add this in my daily routine. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Adyns68 says:

    Ok, I am in total discovery mode, great presentation!. I don’t drink tea because of the caffeine part. But I use it for beauty benefits on my skin mainly. Now, I like the red tea, it looks better than the green tea for me. Especially because I can drink it and use it on my skin, I like doing my DIYs.

    I need to try it, because it really looks perfect on paper right now.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. admin says:

      Rooibos herbal tea is perfect to you then because it’s low in caffeine unlike other tea varieties in the market that is high in caffeine. You can access a discounted price by clicking on the links on the article. Have a great tea ahead:)!

  3. Zihad says:

    Hello there!!

    Good to know about another interesting topic. We all know about green tea and it is popular for its health benefits. But did not know about the red tea although it has been remaining for more than a century in africa as you have mentioned. The Rooibos or Ray-boss whatever it is called seems so good for health. Specially its weight loss and wrinkles prevention capacity which are more desired for the people of this generation. It can be very popular more than the green tea if it really what you said about it. I have to try this. Where can I found it outside of africa?

    1. admin says:

      Rooibos tea is actually marketed worldwide, though it’s origin is Africa. Red tea has been in international market. You can check this link and have your tea shipped to you at a discounted price.

  4. MissusB says:

    My mother is a tea lover although she’s not a fan of commercial teas like Lipton. Her best option would be the herbal teas such as moringa, ashitaba, soursoup and taheebo, all good for cancer prevention and has high anti oxidant property. We use green tea for digestive problems like constipation but very rarely.

    This is actually the first time I heard about red tea or roibos. To be honest, red tea here in our country was popularized as a highly commercialized refreshing drink. and we all know there isn’t a good benefit from that. It’s really different from what you introduced. 

    Thank you for giving information about roibos which is really different from the red tea we know. Now it’s clear that whenever I want to purchase red tea, I should look for roibos.

    1. admin says:

      Rooibos is actually an herb, but is well known as rooibos or red tea. As compared to other teas, rooibos is the healthier option. Sometimes the red tea is mistaken as black tea due to some color similarities.

  5. Strahinja says:

    Wow, I never knew red tea was so popular. I’ve been enjoying it for years now and mostly because of its unique taste. It is awesome to know red tea actually has benefits to our skin and possible our weight loss. Always thought that number 1 tea for detox was green tea. 

    Oh I was wrong. I am even more glad now that I know all of this.

    Thank you for sharing.


  6. SmileAfresh says:

    Hi and thanks a lot for that informative post. I didn’t know there was Red Tea! But now I know. I have ever tried green tea but was not consistent. So I was unable to record good results. However, rooibos tea seems to be very promising. 

    I recently had a plain water steam bath for 3 days (1 session each day). It was helpful. I wonder if one could incorporate red tea in their steam bath chamber for better detox effects?

    please let me know.

    Yours Boniface from Androidbix 

    1. admin says:

      Hi, herbal steam baths has been in used for a long time, so definitely yes. You can incorporate rooibos tea with your steam baths. As I have mentioned in the article that rooibos is an herb.

  7. nasrin19 says:

    First, accept my thanks for writing a great post on the health benefits of the Red Tea. Your post is full of Red Tea Detox information. I am a Tea loving person I love to try new tea flavors from different regions. We all know about green tea and it is popular for its health benefits. The Rooibos or Ray-boss whatever it is called seems so good for health. Especially its weight loss and wrinkles prevention capacity which are more desired for the people of this generation. It can be very popular more than green tea if it really what you said about it.

    Thank you for giving information about rooibos which is really different from the red tea we know. Where can I found it outside of Africa? I have to try this.

  8. Kris says:

    Isn’t green tea meant to be really good for you?  Why is it an alternative solution to this?  Red tea sounds very interesting indeed, I may have to try it before I knock it.

    Rooibos contains no caffine, that is very cool and would be better for people who can’t sleep etc.  It sounds like a great product to compliment herbal teas.  Thanks for the insights to a new type of tea I will try soon. Cheers.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Kris, yes green tea is equally healthy with that of it’s rival red tea. But red tea is much favored in weightloss and for people who have sleeping problems. Rooibos tea is actually an herb and is caffeine free. 

  9. Jade says:

    Thank you very much for this article 🙂 

    I have seen “the red tea detox” around for some time but had never looked into it before, which is funny thinking about it now because I drink a lot of tea! I love the health benefits of drinking tea and boy is it a versatile drink. 

    I didn’t realise that red tea detox was rooibos tea! Lovely stuff!

    Thank you for this valuable article!

  10. Stella says:

    I know some of my colleagues using herbal tea to control weight and burn calories especially tummy fat. But I don’t think the result after a long time is always 100% efficient. I have seen people after using slim tea, the result they got was awful shapeless shape. That was why I don’t have pure intention about herbal tea. Am just hearing about red tea from this review. Seeing many things it can cure uplift my eagerness to try it out. Its lack of caffeine crown everything up. What everyone would want is to wake up early in the morning watching ourselves getting smoother and looking young. If this tea can guarantee that, am sure many people won’t think twice before they get this tea with these amazing property. This is a very useful review that worth visiting.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Stella, Rooibos tea is good for the health as it is rich in antioxidants and natural anti inflammatory effects. The effects does not depend on the tea/ herb alone. Being healthy and fit comes from different factors of life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. One should have a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise and positive outlook in life. We cannot just be lazy and let the tea do it’s magic. Of course it’s not meant to be that way.

  11. Gomer says:

    Okay, you’re point is acknowledged. 

    I was actually shocked by the bold letters I read, it is very rare to see a blog post like this where you will suddenly meet big letter writings after the introduction. But then, going back to your comparison between red tea and green tea, I agree with your points. Green tea does have caffeine, something that patients suffering from anxiety, hypertension and stroke victims should be wary about. 

    With regard to my health and these teas, I was advised to take green tea so that my DHT problem that’s causing baldness to me would be curbed. Do you think this red tea alternative can also inhibit the enzyme that’s converting my testosterone into a harmful type called DiHydroTestosterone?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Gomer, The bold letters quoted was an excerpt from the article of the maker of the Red tea detox herself so it was designed that way to separate it from the article that I have written. 

      With rooibos as an alternative to DHT, I think it is better to ask your medical doctor about it.

  12. Aabidah Ahmed says:

    I’ve always been using Rooibos Tea but did not notice it was good for weight loss and skincare! Or maybe I’m confused with normal Rooibos Tea.

    I always thought that everything that’s Green is the best for weight loss and health, how wrong I am.

    But I was unaware of the Red Tea and what it can do. I’m looking forward to trying the Red Tea and see what happens.

    Thank you for this beautiful article on Tea. All the best.

    1. admin says:

      Your welcome Aabidah:)

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